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Hi there

I've been playing with the render farm and the Render batch. Im was wondering if i was doing a few things incorrectly, i have the software on both computers and the "Farm" is actually rendering but i've noticed a few odd things with the "Render Batch" function



(Using Rhino v5 and flamingo v40 and i downloaded the 64 bit version 1.0.290 of the farm software ->Link<-)



1) When i go Render Batch it asked where i'd like to save the final result and what format. However it doesn't appear there or even save in the format i asked?  (It does save the name I call the image)


It appears in the Farm output folder, inside the Job folder, inside the Output folder, as a png file.  Is that meant to happen?  and if it is. Whats the point in asking where and what i'd like to save the image as?



2) It always saves a .nXtImage file and a Png, even if i just ask for a Png file?



3) The Lighting when i send most models to the farm is horribly off. Most of the time They are a lot darker and just making the image brighter doesn't make it look like the original

(Everything i've sent i can't post here, i'll try and do up a quick example but now i have to do all my rendering manually,so it may be a little while)

Is there something i'm doing wrong?

I think it's something to do with the exposure, if i start the render on my main computer, click on lock exposure, stop the render .then send it to the farm it comes out perfectly



(The random periods are because i am terrible with formatting)

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hi Smith,

I've added your comments to a bugtrack item to get developers check it. As soon as I have more information I will be back to you.

Ok, brilliant. Thanks!

One other thing i've just noticed is the shadows, if i render something for 40passes on my main computer with me watching it they're more even, but when i send them to the farm they're more disjointed and look like i didn't let them cook for enough time. I'm just doing quick preview shots so it doesn't matter as much to me but it may affect some people.

ok, I will remove point 3 in the bugtrack item

No, Point 3 is still valid, it's the exposure that's getting messed up there,

Im saying that using my work around doing a quick render on my computer, locking the exposure then sending to the farm, the shadows  comining off the model aren't equal.

As in if i watch the render on my main computer the shadows from the model are more cooked than if i send it to the farm, the exposure is the same in both

If im not making sense, please let me know. I'll try and reword it. It's been a long week

Ok, i will leave it there.

One question, when you do the render manually lo let it cook for 40 paseses and when you send it to the farm, Does it also renders for 40 passes?

Are you watching both images in the same monitor?

I'll try and do some test renders i can post here after im done my work. Yes they are both rendering for 40 passes

I've looked at both images on the same monitor once they're done, but i can't watch the one i send to Batch render as it renders.

If i manage to get some renders i can show done for this im sure it'll be easier to understand.

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.

This is what i meant by the exposure is darker if i send it to the farm, the lighter one is on my main computer and the darker one is if i send it to the farm without doing my work around(see below), on more complex peices  you see a more pronounced difference.

(letting it render on my main computer for until part of the image is shown then locking the exposure, closing that render and then sending it to the farm)

I have a feeling the workaround works because the computer can adjust the exposure so it's right and the locking make sure the same exposure level is sent to the farm with the mode, but i honestly have no idea.

the shadows i just let them cook for a couple more passes and it's fine

Edit. I just noticed the one i sent to the farm has a reflective groundplane?


I've done a few more tests now and it seems, that when i use the default ground plane(which i use a lot), and send it off to the farm without first rendering it for a second on my main computer, it becomes reflective?

I need to do a few more tests to make sure, but this is what im guessing has happened.




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