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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

After stopping an architectural rendering with NXT trees and srubbs. And a few Flamingo 2plants Rhino stops responding.  It works normally until I add plants? I have (use advanced gpulighting) disabled in view settings because that was crashing rhino. My video card is FirePro GL3400, The last driver update offered was in 2009, could that be the problem?

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You bring up a series of problems here that may not be related.  So, let me try to pull the problems apart.

Flamingo NXT uses the CPU and RAM memory.  If Flamingo is freezing the machine it is most likely running out of memory, or the CPU is overheating.  

Flamingo NXT does not use the video card. If the video is freezing, when flamingo is not rendering, then this is a problem with the video and Rhino 5.  It may be an old driver, it may be the build of Rhino 5.  We have seen many problems with video and Rhino 5 in the last couple betas.  

Are the problems you are seeing while NXT is rendering, or when you are working on Rhino 5?

If it is during rendering, then I would suspect you are running out of memory, are you on a 32-bit Operating system?

I agree it's probably running out of memory. I have 4gig on a dual zeon machine. Is there a setting to alocate more
to this process or do I just need more memory? I think the viewport display problems are my video card. It's 5 yrs. old and no new driver updates have been offered since 2009. Thanks



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