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I would like to suggest that an option be added for an audible alarm to sound on conclusion of a rendering. Often, during long rendering sessions, I have to leave my computer and do other things and all the time I have to keep checking to see if the rendering has finished. It would be very convenient if there were an alarm that sounded to alert me that the rendering is finished.

This could be expanded to include other forms of notification such as send me an email on conclusion ...

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You are talking to yourself - McNeel & Associates does not give a damn about Flamingo.

McNeel & Associates has a bad habit of starting many software projects and not finishing them.

Flamingo nXt could have been useful engineering renderer, but it is very buggy and it has almost no technical support. It is too slow and too buggy for Bongo animation. (Rhino render plugin is much faster.)

Flamingo's plant editor was never finished. It is buggier than ever. (I used first version of AccuRender's plant editor, so I know what I am talking about.) The best plant editor available today is Xfrog (http://xfrog.com/).

Penguin 2.0 is another unfinished project. In its present form it is buggy and useless. It should have been patent drawing renderer.

Hi Mark,
This is not a feature in Flamingo.
However, it is a feature in Rhino.

Go to Options and select "Alerter" on the left.
Configure Rhino to watch the Render command, and if it runs over a specific time, you can have it run a WAV file sound to alert you. To do anything more advanced, like send an email, you would have to write a Rhino script with that functionality.

See that attached image.
Does that work for you?


Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support




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