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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Our company is naval architectural company and I think NXT is great.
What I would like to do is to include photos of real people in a rendering. Can someone share some secrets.

The second thing I would like to do is to create a real look and feel of a boat going through the water, meaning, I would like to see a bow wave and create the water flow realistically at the engines.
At the moment, it's a process.
Is this possible?


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Kobus -

It can be a lot of work.  Here is a thread that may help:


The link to Steve Dashews blog is good.  Of course Steve is a member on this forum also:


I created a quick set of steps here that may help with the water process.  The resutl could be better with more time.

Here is the original image I will place the rendering into.  Please note the resolution of the original image you are using, it becomes important.  In this case the image is 1500 x 1000

The next step using Photoshop and the Rubberstamp tools is to create more water and foam over the edges of the existing boat.  The new boat will be covering most of it, so you do not need to erase the existing boat completely.

The next step is to select and copy and paste the front wake and foam out of the image.  There are many techniques to do this.  I use the paint technique for selection: http://www.insidegraphics.com/photoshop/photoshop_selection_tips.asp .

After copy and pasting this new selection to a new layer, I will normally select the border and run a gaussian blur on the edge.  This will help integrate the wake and the rendering together.

The next steps are to coordinate the Rhino model and the image.  I do this by setting the viewport to the same aspect ratio as the background image.  Use the "-viewportproperties" command.  There is a Size option there.  Once you set the viewport to the correct aspect ratio, then you can set the viewport Wallpaper to your image.

It should look something like this:

Using Rhino's navigation tools, match the boat into the image.

The next step is to setup the lighting and the groundplane.  I use a sky HDRI.  Rotate the HDRI so the strongest light matches the same direction the light shows in the image.  Also enable the groundplane and set it to Alpha.  The render may look something like this:


 If you save the rendering with alpha background, then the background will be clear when opening in Photoshop.  Copy and paste the rendering into the background image.  Make sure the layers are orders so that boat is sandwiched between the background and the wake.  The result should look like this:

For fun, I might add just a little Gaussian noise to the rendering layer.  Photographs tend to be noisy.

I hope this will help.

I do Architectural renderings and nXt is a vast improvement in how we do our work. I too would like to place realistic people in our views. Right now, I have a limited collection of 'mannequins' to use.

You may want to try these guys.  The OBJ format will also include the materials and bitmaps.


Not real people but realistic 3d figures can be made with DAZ studio 4.  The basic software is free and the figures can be manipulated to any pose desired.

Interesting to see that displacement hull going that fast!!!! Lol.

It could be a gas-turbine? 



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