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Im having a few issues getting my HDR Sky to look realistic when I render a scene.

I have made my own HDR image using Photoshops Merge to HDR Pro command. (see below image) and i want this image to form the lighting and be the BACKGROUND IMAGE of my scene.

I have made the following scene settings.

1) On the advanced lighting tab i have set the sky to HDR and selected my HDR image.

2) On the environment tab i have set the background type to Sky  

The HDR image lights my scene well but the problem is when i render the scene it stretches the image so much you cant make out the defination of the clouds and sky. (see bottom image) scene is very smudged with no definition.

(Note im only interested is displaying the sky and clouds in the rendered scene. The water in the HDR image is masked by a ground plane which I have applied a water material to.) 

I have made dozens of variations to my HDR image to try to accomplish this but nothing will work.

Dose anyone have any pointers for me on how to make an HDR that when used in Flamingo nXt will return the result I describe? 

any help much appreciated.




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Taking a planar image and trying to make it an HDRI can be tricky.  The projection is not right. Scaling the standard RGB colors to HDRi also can be problematic.

I normally use a real HDRI to light,  We have a few with clouds.  Mt. Monadnock is my favoritein this case.  But there are many available.  

I would use the image you have as a flat backplate image in the view.  I might set the Background to Image and set the bitmap you have to the background as a planar background.

You can set the view just right to get the groundplane water to be placed exactly on the image correctly.  Or you can set the groundplane as alpha and see how that works.

See how close you can get to that.  Here is an example I did using these methods:

Hi Scott,

thanks for your suggestions, they have helped me to produce the below image.

what would be a good tool in Flamingo nXt is if one could lock the position of a background image relative to the ground plane. That way the horizon in the background image would be locked to the ground plane position and no matter how you oribeted your model or set cameras up the horizon would be correct.

your thoughts?



Yes, I agree that a few tools to make background matching work better would be useful.  We may add some in the future.  

I use a series of steps to do this using Rhino:

1) Set the viewport to the same aspect as the background bitmap.  You can do this through the "-viewportproperties" command.  The dash is important here.  Use the Size option to set the width and hieght.

2) Right click on the viewport name and go to Viewport properties.  Set the Wallpaper of the viewport to the background bitmap.

3) Set the Rendering resolution using the total number of pixels option.

3) Now you should get a matching background and viewport view to work with the view matching.

I really like how this rendering is coming together.  When the rendering gets to this point, I start to add model details.  I might add eyelets, cleats, chrome exhaust covers and a fuel cover plates. The detail would help break up the stern of the yacht. Anything that might add realism. Although I normally do not use tables, chairs, swim and scuba equipment, in this case, it may help.

The wood decking material looks great.

Hi Scott,

Those steps you outlined for the background matching above are golden nuggets of advise. what a difference that makes to the render scene. (see below images) I greatly appreciate you taking the time to help me out. 

in addition to your suggestions i also changed my current renderer from Flamingo nXt to Rhino render and enabled the ground plane (for some reason you cant do that while Flamingo nXt is the current renderer)   then switched back to Flamingo nXt and orbited the model so the ground plane was in the correct position over the horizon in the background image.  



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