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Ability to sort list of lights based on channel/name/whatever in the lights/lighting control panel. My model has hundreds of light and I need to switch all the channel 1 lights to 7... It's a pain since they're in no particular order.


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If you select all the lights you want to change to a channel using window or crossing selection, then go to Object properties > Lights.  There you can change the channel number.  All lights selected will switch to the new channel.

Does this work for you?

Thanks Scott... The issue is the selection. In that situation they're all over the place in the model... Would have been nice to be able to select them off a sorted list. Could see the usefulness of selecting all lights that are a specific wattage or type of light. Or you could use a naming convention that would allow you to sort the list and make selections that anyway. Anyway... render attached.


You could use Sellayer command, or the -Selname command.  -Selname allows you to use widlcards in the name.  If you look at the light name, it is also the Object Name.



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