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I like the new plant editor and the few library trees I can access but ...

I have lost access to all the plant libraries I had with Flamingo previously. Flamingo nXt reports that there are none. I can see from searching that there are many in my system ... search does not tell me where the files actually are, though.

Do you have any hints about how I can get them recognized by nXt?


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Well, never mind ... I recently actually purchased nXt and simply forgot a discussion a year ago about previous plant libraries not working with nXt. So, if I want to use the old plant libraries I have to render with Flamingo 2.

One of the things I used to like most about Flamingo is that it had an extensive plant material library.

I have to admit that at this point I feel let down. I acknowledge nXt as a superior product and, yes, I can manage to create a few plants (or modify the small library selections) and end up with a very nice looking rendering (and I am far from a pro renderer) ... But I do seem to recall being promised a decent plant library with nXt ...

Is one coming soon as an update or will a plug in be offered?


I have downloaded the Lands Design plug-in for Rhino (beta) and it looks promising ... seems to include a large nXt compatible plant library ... no idea what it will cost but their other software (VisualArq) was fairly reasonable so I have hope that this one will be affordable for a small office like mine.

Good day Eric!

I have also found it a bit frustrating that the extensive plant library found in Flamingo 2 does not exist in NXT. Specially since I work for a plant nursery and I would love to be able to render plants together with the rack designs that I do here.

I suppose my question is, have you figured out a way to import plant libraries to NXT, or have you heard or an upcoming plug-in?

Any insight would be much appreciated,


I have used Asuni Cad's Land Design plug-in for Rhino and it does seem to have a rather large plant library though I have only tried a few trees so far. The leaves seem to be too large for the scale of the tree but I have not attempted any edits to date. It is not ready for market yet and it is not yet priced, either, but I am guessing it will be around $500 ... and probably well worth it. I am still of the opinion that the plant library for nXt should be equivalent to Flamingo 2.

I am a Landscape Architect and Building Designer so I always include considerable landscaping treatment with any project I do. I appreciate the good render quality of nXt and begrudge the lack of a good plant material library.



Thank you Eric, I completely agree. Seems a bit backwards to me as well. 

Here it is Christmas 2013 and needing some trees, I downloaded the Beta of Lands Design.  On the surface it looks amazing.  Here are 2 renderings to show what I mean.

The trees can be manipulated for age, season, branches, etc. to give near infinite variations.  These are just a few of the varieties of plants available.  Also, landscapes can be created to place these trees on if you like, or just place them where you want in your 3D file as well as other things.  This beta has a one month activation cycle, to be renewed after expiration.  So far I am impressed.  Their website is http://www.lands-design.com if you are interested.  I hope the price will be reasonable when released.

Regards, Ray

Any chance you could upload that file somewhere that we could download it?

I have formatted and uploaded the entire library of Flamingo 2 trees to my mediafire account to return the favour.


They are really doing something odd there. Looks like you need flamingo for Lands and viceversa. So, if I want to render trees from Lands with another render will be difficult, but if I want trees in flamingo I need Lands... odd.



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