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Hello there!


Any ideas how do I get rid of these(see exaple pic) outlines that flamigo is drawing against background? In earlier versions of nXt I didn´t have this problem, this "feature" came up few versions ago.


And other question, before it was possible to adjust image after the rendering has stopped, now I can´t do it anymore.. Where has that great feature gone? I can change the brightness and burn values, but the image doesn´t change after stopped. Works great while rendering though!






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This takes place when the background is a color in the default renderer.  Roy knows about it.  If you switch to the Pathtracer in the Render Tab this will not happen. 


The problem with the adjustment after stopping is a problem that will be fixed in todays new build.  I am working to get that out in the next few hours.

Hello again!


Still have those outlines, if Roy knows something about those and knows a solution, please reply. I tried that pathtracer, but all I got, was black and white fuzzy, pixelated and blurry image. So I don´t know how to use that..




Your best bet with a white background is to save the image in one of the alpha channel formats and use compositing to combine it with a white background in photoshop or eq.  Compositing with white is difficult, and even this process may result in some outlining-- but the artifact should be much reduced.


The Path Tracer, which is the other possibility, will converge on a nice image-- you'll need to let it go a little longer.

Ok, I try to figure out what those alpha channels are, not so good with these..

But is this render somehow differend now than few months/builds before. Cause I used to render everything agaist white background and I newer got any gray oulines. Now I have to put some surface behind the object i´m rendering to make those lines go away. See the two example pictures. Gray lines are all around the object, on the pink and black parts too, not just white ones.

White surface blended to white background very nicely before, no lines, just objects shadow was visible.


Great render anyway!



Thanks Janne-- this has always been a problem with white-- although, you're correct, I did make some changes a few months ago which make it a little worse.  I've got this on the list to take a look at over the next couple of weeks.  There's likely something I can do at my end.

In the meantime, alpha compositing is not very difficult and should work better for you.  Some retouch may still be required.  Scott can help with this if you encounter any problems.



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