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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Just uploaded a prototype of a stand-alone version of the renderer I'm calling nXt Studio.  It reads .3dm files, includes a new material model and newish render engine, features an "always rendering" preview window, etc..

Ask questions, let me know what you think, etc.  It's still early on so comments here could potentially influence the product direction-- but be kind-- this is still a prototype.

64 bit version (recommended)

32 bit version (for older systems)

A standard material scene to play with when creating materials.

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Which of the 3 apps will open a 3dm file.  I must be clueless. The "Farm Monitor" gives me a "File not found" error.  The editor only appears to edit flamingonXt files.  I was expecting an interface similar to Flamingo nXt.  Obviously I'm missing something.

There are two links at the top of this page or in the email I sent.  These will download an installer for you to run.  Once you run it, the app is called nXt Studio and should show up on the desktop and in the Start menu (Windows 7).

nope ... that's not what happened for me.  I go to the programs menu and I see ....

Farm monitor

Image editor

Plant Editor

I tried them all and nothing imports a rhino file.

Windows 7?  If so, there should be a folder under All Programs called nXt Studio.  The app should be in there.

The folder has the three apps I listed above.

BTW ... my folder is called Flamingo nXt Beta .... not Studio. .... That's probably it.  I was looking for Flamingo and should have been looking for "nXt" ... yep ... that was it! ... Thanks!

np.  I've attempted to keep this new stuff out of the way of existing flamingo installations so people can try it pain free.

Is it possible to access a materials library?

Not the legacy stuff-- but you should be able to open any nXtMaterial file or rmtl (Rhino Material) file. 

I don't know what the legacy stuff is ... i was thinking of the flamingo 2.0 Library.

If it's an .mlib then it's a legacy library.  I'm pretty sure flamingo 2.0 was based on these.  Anything that's organized in windows folders with .nXtMaterial extensions can be read by nXtStudio, though.

Linked 3dm files are not showing up?



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