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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Just uploaded a prototype of a stand-alone version of the renderer I'm calling nXt Studio.  It reads .3dm files, includes a new material model and newish render engine, features an "always rendering" preview window, etc..

Ask questions, let me know what you think, etc.  It's still early on so comments here could potentially influence the product direction-- but be kind-- this is still a prototype.

64 bit version (recommended)

32 bit version (for older systems)

A standard material scene to play with when creating materials.

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Ahh--- I'm sure that's true.  I'll look into those.

First impressions

Im finding it very unstable, it crashes more times than it successfully opens a file. im opening large boat models and I note there are other people with similar issues opening larger models. (sorry cant supply the models as they are all locked up with NDA'S)

It would appear NXT Studio cant read Tsplines geometry as that is missing when I open 3dm files.

No option to apply a material to a ground plane........... maybe that will come later on ?

I like the real-time preview, that is handy!

I have said this many times before on the Flamingo NXT forum and now again here, there needs to be an option that facilitates "locking" a background image relative to a ground plane.

Example, if we have a marine scene where there was a boat sitting in water with a cloudy sky in the background. we would insert a background image of a cloudy sky and lock the horizon to the ground plane so when you render the scene the ground plane (water texture) would meet perfectly with the horizon in the background image.

This youtube video explains it better. note for some reason the 1st half is poor quality but bare with it as halfway through it changes to full HD so you can see what im trying to explain. click here http://youtu.be/gJPZuN5ildo  

This is probably a bug-- it's never made it to me yet for some unexplained reason-- the equator of a cylindrical and spherical projection should default to the horizon line.  I believe the spherical projection is the same for HDRi and spherical images-- it should be an equi-rectangular (lat/long) projection.  I think it's a bug if you're getting different results.

Any crashing model would be helpful.  It's unlikely to be the size, per se, nXt Studio uses the same core as Flamingo nXt.  Larger models do have more stuff and tend to show errors quicker.  If you're worried about NDA maybe you could scramble the model a bit so it's not recognizable.  As long as it crashes I don't care what it looks like.

I have been looking at your video for backgrounds.  I think you are running into some of the differences between the Spherical and Cylindrical backgrounds.  The spherical background you can get to line up with the horizon becuse it is mapped completely around the sphere.  The drawback to spherical completely mapped is that it stretches the bitmap to the point it may look pixelated and poor.  Getting a high resolution background image will help that.

When you move to a Cylindrical map, you can compress the image into a smaller are, so you may not get the pixelation problems, but will need to have the back ground map evenly above and below the horizon in order to get it to map to the horizon in the view.  By matching the cylinder to the view, this will throw off the horizon.

Doe this make sense?

That makes perfect sense, the ability was there all along I just didn't realise. 

Thanks Scott! 

FYI - Objects I created using RhinoBIM Structure in Rhinoceros 5 do not appear in the nXT Studio display.

Thanks-- I'll look into this.  Certain v5 objects like ngons and simple extrusions don't save their meshes in the file.  This may be fixed in a future service release. Not sure if this is what you're encountering.

Hi Roy ..

This is an exciting development. Works well here with a small architectural model. Will Studio nXt be able to show plants originally working with Flamingo nXt in the future?



It should work with the new nxt plants right now.  We'll see about adding support for legacy plants.

Hi Roy ...

Yes, I can see an nXt tree in the render window but it does not show up in the larger viewer.



Yes-- I need to do something in the view window.

Hi guys

I installed it under Windows 8.1 64 ... but as soon as I try to load a 3dm (5.0) file it crashes and close

.... any suggestion ?




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