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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Just uploaded a prototype of a stand-alone version of the renderer I'm calling nXt Studio.  It reads .3dm files, includes a new material model and newish render engine, features an "always rendering" preview window, etc..

Ask questions, let me know what you think, etc.  It's still early on so comments here could potentially influence the product direction-- but be kind-- this is still a prototype.

64 bit version (recommended)

32 bit version (for older systems)

A standard material scene to play with when creating materials.

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Does it crash on every file?  Try a very simple file (draw a sphere, for example) and let me know.  I'd love to get a hold of any file that crashes, if possible.

Hi Roy

I tested with a very simple 3d file ... a sphere plus a cube ... and it works smooth ...

I will try again with something more complicated but not too much and  I let you know



A couple of comments.  In addition to the model I built in Rhino, I did a simple table.  I also set up the lighting in Rhino with the idea it would save me some time when I imported it.  The table didn't come in nor the lighting.  I could see the lighting needing to be set in this new software but thought all objects would come in.

Send the model if you can-- I'd love to take a look.

I like it, this looks like it's going to be great!


somethings i cant find anything, it opens up a file and there's nothing there.  I can see the HDR in the preview but there's no model or anything in either window.(file attached with no materials)

Clicking between tabs doesn't always update correctly(screenshot attached)

Might need a different shaded background for the viewer.

Will there be an option for a ground plane?

Will this be avalible on Mac?


Thanks for the feedback and (especially) the file.  

In this case, no meshes were ever generated for the objects in the file.  This is required for nXtStudio (and many other programs which operate on .3dm files externally.)  To generate the meshes, make sure at least one shaded or rendered viewport exists, then save the file.

Yes-- ground plane is coming.  No decision yet on product releases, either Windows or Mac.  I can tell you that this sort of application is much easier to port to the Mac then Flamingo.  Flamingo requires a raft of other software that I have no control over to be ported first.  Yes, the viewer window will need some improvement, both background and shading, to be more useful. 

Ahh, that explains why my other files weren't showing up. I usually "Save Small" to save space.  That fixed that problem.

it there a way to change the sensetivity of the view window, i tried to change the angle viewing a piece and lost the piece completely because the camera swung wildly

The material editor is different than Nxt, is it going to look the same as it does in nxt when it's done?

I really like where this is going! Thank you!

You may need to change the viewport target in Rhino-- that's likely the problem.   I did add a Walk mode, using the ctrl key, which you may have hit by accident.  In the case of small objects it may be too sensitive.  There is a little bit of help on mouse nav in the menu.

The material editor will change to bring it more in line with industry standards-- the final design is still up for grabs-- so you do have a chance to influence it with feedback if you so desire.

Just uploaded another version (Build 017).  Use the link above if you wish to try it out.  It includes a new translucent material that exhibits sub-surface scattering among other improvements.  Some examples of the new translucent stuff:

Here it is blended with a metal:

I'm getting a weird bug, i'm trying to apply a material directly to an object, but it keeps applying to the layer rather than the specific object? The object, I found out had a material applied directly to it in the rhino file and i was unable to remove it or replace it. (file attached) Is there a way to fix this in the program that i'm missing?

btw nice material on the dragon, is a copy of it saved in the build i couldn't find it


I'm not allowing you to apply to an object in nXt Studio-- at least not yet.  That would have to be done in Rhino.  Right now, you can edit materials (which includes loading stuff from files into the material definition) and you can assign to layers.   I'll get Scott to upload the dragon material-- he did that one.


I've downloaded the version 1.0.17. It says that expires on 1/7/2014 and the program don't run.

Exist a new version or a version with a longer expiration?




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