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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Just uploaded a prototype of a stand-alone version of the renderer I'm calling nXt Studio.  It reads .3dm files, includes a new material model and newish render engine, features an "always rendering" preview window, etc..

Ask questions, let me know what you think, etc.  It's still early on so comments here could potentially influence the product direction-- but be kind-- this is still a prototype.

64 bit version (recommended)

32 bit version (for older systems)

A standard material scene to play with when creating materials.

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I like it. Obviously in an early stage but going in the right direction.

New version of nXt Studio.  Use the link(s) above.

Nice stand alone app.  Would like to see the option of being able to select and set saved views that are in the file and also set limits on the render time or number of passes.  Batch rendering option?  This is very quick for getting a material render preview.

Selecting and saving views should be available on the Camera tab-- let me know if it's not working or you can't figure it out.  The other stuff is all on the list...

I have Named Views that are saved in the 3dm file that do not come up under the camera tab.  Set View>Named Views.  This is what I use when rendering a batch of views for a given model.

Are they non-perspective views?  Currently nXt Studio is perspective only.

They are saved viewport perspective views.  when I right click on the viewport name in the upper left and then go to Set View>Named Views I have several views saved at different perspective angles.  Under the Camera tab in Studio all that comes us is _Free, _Original, and Fwd Profile (this is one of my Named Views).

Hmmm... if you're willing to share I'd love to take a look at a .3dm file where some of  the views aren't making it.  

Just sent you a message.

First Impression:

The view screen for controlling the position of the model could use a better shading scheme. Its hard to tell what I'm looking at at times.

Program has trouble with large models. panning is sluggish compared to inside Rhino. I crashed the program with a very large Rhino model that I've previously rendered with NXT inside Rhino.

If you could keep the Rhino layer tree structure that would be nice instead of decomposing the layer system into an alphabetical list.

Out of curiosity what is the thought process behind a stand-alone version?

I'll be interested to see how this develops.

Thanks Ian.  I'd love to get a hold of anything that's crashing if possible.

This stand-alone thing is very experimental-- the thought process is all over the map.  We'll see how folks react to it.  It opens up a lot of possibilities but certainly includes all of the pitfalls wrt a "decoupled" renderer.

I like it, the preview is very helpful. I look forward to seeing more.



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