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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I'm having issues with installing a network license of nXt. There isn't a place to enter the keycode in the Zoo. When I pick the checkbox to make it a network seat, I don't think that keycode is going anywhere. For more information, I have a couple of posts on the Flamingo newsgroup.



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Dan -

There is a newer Rhino 4 Zoo that will allow NXT keys.  Here is a link to the newest zoo:


Okay, that's what I was hoping to hear. I already downloaded it, but the IT guys don't want to reboot the server until the weekend. Are they correct that a reboot is necessary?



I am not completely sure on the reboot.  It is a system level service which usually do require a reboot when being updated.

Okay, thanks. I'll leave it in their hands. I should be good come Monday morning.





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