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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I am currently using Rhino 5 WIP.  Is there a way to use nXT with Rhino 5?  I am able to access nXT via Rhino4 just fine.



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You may need to find the FlamingonXtNet.rhp file and drag and drop it into the Rhino 5 interface. This will load it for future use.
Thanks Scott


When I drag the FlamingoXtNet64.rhp file into the Rhino 5 interface I get the following plug-in error:

"Unable to load FlamingoXtNet64.rhp plug-in: ID already in use."

Do I need to re-install NXT?

Kevin -

If you go to the Render pulldown > Current Renderer >  Do you see Flamingo NXT listed there?

No, only Rhino Render.  I did not uninstall Rhino 4 when I installed Rhino 5 Beta, and Have been using NXT in Rhino 4 - could that be causing a licence conflict?

I would make sure you have the most recent Flamingo NXT from the downloads page.  Then try and drag and drop that new build into Rhino 5 64-bit.

OK, downloaded and installed the latest patch.  Still getting the same message: ID already in use.

This is a mess.  Can you uninstall Flamingo and then Re-install Flamingo From the CD?  That should update Flamingo so it registers for both Rhino 4 and 5.

That worked.  I uninstalled NXT, then re-installed from the CD - NXT then registered normally when I opened Rhino 5.  Thanks Scott!



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