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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I see I can modifiy the standard rendering settings for "studio lighting" "outdoor lighting", etc. to create my own custom on.     This seems only to stay with the file I am rendering at the time. 


Is there anyway to save these, then access them in for a new file I create, or apply them to old files I've created in the past? 


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You see to the right of the Studio Lighting dropdown there is a save and restore lighting setup.  There you can save out a lighting setup profile that you can open in other models.

I just tried save and open in another file and it didn't work or give me an error message. Any ideas?

Generally I get it to work.  Can you send me the lighting setup file?  I will try and run it through my NXT to see what happens.

okay, attached


I was able to read this into my NXT versions.  What is the date of your NXT?  If you go to the Flamingo NXT pulldown > About.


Can you download and install the newest version:


See if that helps.

I installed it and started new file, open the lights file but LIGHTS form still does not show the spot lights...

I see.  If you want to transfer physical lights from one model to another, there are two ways.

  1. Select the lights out of one model and Copy.  Then go to the other model and Paste.
  2. Select the lights in one model, then use File > Export Selected to create a lights model.  Then use File > Import in the other model to import the new lights.  The settings of the lights, (strength and color) will also transfer.

I noticed in testing this that the lighting setup file does not change the strength of the artificial lights.  I am not sure this is possible, but I will check with the programmer.



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