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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I just posted a new service release for NXT which includes these improvements:

  1. Many crash dumps fixed.
  2. Added “Use Rhino viewport and size settings” option to the Automate Render dialog which is on by default. When this is set and automation is enabled then the active Rhino view is always rendered using the size specified by the active Rhino or Bongo settings.
  3. Refined mapping widgets by constraining to the active construction plane instead of the X-Axis circle plane causing the widget to get wonky when dragging around. It should improvement mapping a plane and box mapping.
  4. Changed tooltip in the render output window for the Export EXR option, it incorrectly said Export EPIX.
  5. Fixed error when disposing of post-process bitmap.
  6. Fixed file bloating when exporting a few curves from a model with a bunch of materials that contain textures.
  7. Batch render definitions could duplicate themselves.  We put a clamp of reading/writing 100 definitions as a safeguard.
  8. Added exception handling to material list initialization function to catch possible failure creating material image list.
  9. When a block is inserted and there are less than three instances of the block Flamingo transforms the block definitions render mesh to the inserted location. When this happens the mesh face normals were not getting transformed causing blocks that are rotated to render black. This is now fixed.
  10. Null pointer reference found when processing crash dump file.
  11. Fixed - Setting numeric control to value outside of valid range causing exception to be thrown in the sun settings pane in the nXt control panel.
  12. Fixed - Setting numeric control to value outside of valid range causing exception to be thrown in the simple texture material editor.
  13. Catch possible GDI exception when drawing watermark in evaluation version.

To download the service release, use the Update alert at the bottom of the your screen or this link: http://www.flamingo3d.com/en/download/nxt/sr

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Neil - 

We keep trying to get a new patch out to fix this problem, but every other day I have found a problem with the release candidate, so we need to go back and fix it.  The combination of the release of Rhino 5 and Windows 8 has exponentially added the number of install, un-install combinations we need to test against.



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