Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I just posted a new service release for NXT which includes these improvements:

  1. Many crash dumps fixed.
  2. Added “Use Rhino viewport and size settings” option to the Automate Render dialog which is on by default. When this is set and automation is enabled then the active Rhino view is always rendered using the size specified by the active Rhino or Bongo settings.
  3. Refined mapping widgets by constraining to the active construction plane instead of the X-Axis circle plane causing the widget to get wonky when dragging around. It should improvement mapping a plane and box mapping.
  4. Changed tooltip in the render output window for the Export EXR option, it incorrectly said Export EPIX.
  5. Fixed error when disposing of post-process bitmap.
  6. Fixed file bloating when exporting a few curves from a model with a bunch of materials that contain textures.
  7. Batch render definitions could duplicate themselves.  We put a clamp of reading/writing 100 definitions as a safeguard.
  8. Added exception handling to material list initialization function to catch possible failure creating material image list.
  9. When a block is inserted and there are less than three instances of the block Flamingo transforms the block definitions render mesh to the inserted location. When this happens the mesh face normals were not getting transformed causing blocks that are rotated to render black. This is now fixed.
  10. Null pointer reference found when processing crash dump file.
  11. Fixed - Setting numeric control to value outside of valid range causing exception to be thrown in the sun settings pane in the nXt control panel.
  12. Fixed - Setting numeric control to value outside of valid range causing exception to be thrown in the simple texture material editor.
  13. Catch possible GDI exception when drawing watermark in evaluation version.

To download the service release, use the Update alert at the bottom of the your screen or this link: http://www.flamingo3d.com/en/download/nxt/sr

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Hi Scott ...

The patch downloads and installs but then when I check 'about' it tells me that I have the Sept version and I keep getting the update notice.


However, while that is true on my laptop my desktop says I have the October update and that I am up to date but there the latest release is listed as Oct. 18

a little strange.


and on the desktop when I click on the download above I get the link to the Oct download which is already installed.

stranger still


and on the laptop it is downloading the 09/11 patch today.



Yes I have the same probleem !

The download link redirect to the old update (12-9-2012) wich allready installed on the computer !

So, the next time you restart flamingo, it wil tell you again that their is an critical update !

The probleme  occure a few monds ago !


Same thing here.. Tried to install it 3-4 times now and i still have the build 11-sep-2012 and critical update is available when i restart rhino.

Guys this is an old post from July that's been bumped. There isn't a new service release. 

Hi Ryan,

You get the message as soon you start Rhino with Flamingo plugin in it !

So if you get a message, it coms directly from Flamingo, so thats mean that an update is available.



I'm having the same problem with my installation.

Yes I get it too. That doesn't mean there's an update available though. I have the latest version, so it means something's got a bug... Probably the nxt taskbar util. Or it's not finding whatever it's checking for online.


I get the same message as you. If you go to the download tab and select Flamingo nXt Service Release it shows the latest release which is 11 September 2012. I don't think there is a newer version.




I also get the same problem...somewhat annoying to say the least.  What I am even more surprised about is that there has been no reply to several inquiries on this topic.  Is there a release coming out to fix the problem?  Or will we have to endure a critical update balloon every time we fire up Rhino.  Scott we await your insight with grave patience.





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