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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

We have just posted a new Flamingo that integrates with Rhino 5's native rendering tools.  Please give the new build a try.  It is a completely different render interface.  Here is the link to the instructions and download:

Click here to download Flamingo nXt 5.0 WIP

I hope you find it works for you,

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Will Flamingo ever make it to OSX or will that be based on new Cycles render? Just wondering,

I will try this out on my windows machine at home.

The initial version of Mac Rhino will contain a limited SDK and Render SDK.  There is an effort underway to port the Render SDK to Mac, when that happens Flamingo will hopefully follow.  The new version is designed with cross platform support in mind but there is a fair amount of user interface work that will have to be done specifically for the Mac.

Thanks John, that is good news. We are currently running 4 machines, 2 WinRhino with Flamingo & 2 macs running MacRhino and it would be nice not to change render software.

Looks promising. Just tried a few renders and seems to be working fine.

I wonder if the RT  would not be better as a normal viewport instead of a separate window that creates extra clutter in the working place...

I had a chance to play with WIP5 last night. Not on a windows machine so I am asking from memory. In Flamingo 3 an HDR is added in the Lights tab, with studio lighting etc. … correct? In 5 it can be added there and also in Environment tab, which is correct / better?

It also seems a lot like Brazil.

I am also wondering about material conversion from 3. Here are 2 png's with same materials, HDR & ground plane. The glass material for gems did not convert well. Just a quick test.

I am assuming that a lot of old materials will have to be tweaked to get same look in 5.

I know it is early days, but thanks.

Flamingo 3 render

Flamingo 5

It is hard to tell how the stones translated.  You probably need to re-assign that material.

For Flamingo nXT 5 you will want to add the HDRI under the Lighting panel > Sky. 

Thanks Scott for HDRI info, hoping to spend more time with 5 this weekend.

I downloaded the wip, installed it, ran it and found that my view-port render setting had changed making all quite washed out with over stated shadows.  I tweaked a bit, but decided in the end to un-check the Nxt5 plugin box.  I also deleted the registry entry fd53f8c4.... but found that plug-in for Nxt5 persists in the list of plug-ins.  Is there a way to remove it from the list?  

I'm excited about the prospect of a Flamingo like render view-port.  It would be exceptionally cool to have one that included Flamingo materials, decals and all other feature found in final renderings.  That may be a tough call, but wow, it would be quite nice.  Al in all, it's a WIP, and needs some work but that's the idea...and I look forward to any progress along these lines.  Many thanks for the work, Rob

Please give the Flamingo RT viewport a try.  It will be closer to the final render.

I expect you are seeing the reflective materials in OpenGL becoming too bright. 

I have the same result with my rendered viewport extremely bright and washed out. The performance slowed greatly as well with pans and zooms. NOT the Flamingo RT viewport.

How & where can I adjust the OpenGL reflective settings?

I only have Rhino materials in the model at present. These seem not to adjust in the RT viewport. Do I need to reassign all materials as Flamingo materials?

I am getting a 404 when I attempt to get the download. Is this still available? I am about to start a new project with lots of rendering and would love to work with more integration between rhino and the bird.




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