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I'd like to make a mirror in my scene.

Which is the best solution to make it with flamingo materials?

When I take white standard with 100% reflects (that's what I did in flamingo 2), it doesn't make it like a mirror. It looks all black with just spot of light on.

Any advices?

Thanks a lot!


F. Martin

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Normally the process should work.  The standard Metal Template also will get the mirror working.  Can you send a simple model.  Generally I am getting a mirror:

Thank you Scott,

Here I send image of my render in flamingo 2.0 and nXt.

With 2.0, I used white material 100% reflective.

And with nXt, I tried the 2 solutions: white material 100% reflective, which look black, and standard Steel material. This one is a better mirror but look blurred.

Did I used the good Steel material (my nXt is in french!) ?

Thank you!

Create a new Material called Chrome.  

If you have an existing material, edit it and click on Advanced.  There you can make sure Intensity is at 1.00 and Sharpness is at 1.00.

It looks here like an old material definition.

Could you send me the 3dm file?  scottd@mcneel.com

Thank you Scott for your advice!

It's OK now.

I try to send you 3dm file on your e-mail (it's maybe a little big 12Mo in zip file).

thanks again.

F. Martin



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