Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Just thought i'd post the minor bugs i've found while using Nxt, they are definatly minor, but thought you guys might like to know


Build 31- once a image is rendered clicking on the floppy disk icon brings up the save dropdown menu but all the icons are shaded out - clicking on the down arrow beside it, the menu is useable -  Only happens if you havent saved it yet


In the Control panel > Render - when you adjust the image size in mm and inches, when choosing the resolution after you have put in your size, it doesnt update until you switch to a different tab then back


i.e. changing an image to 5in by 5in and then choosing the resolution of printer high quality(300dpi) it renders at 1.2in by 1.2in while showing 5*5 until you switch tabs


If you switch the resolution 2 times( High quality then low quality), it is one update behind. showing the image size for the high quality, rather than the selected on of low.


Sometimes when loading Large HDR's 19-50mb the control panel freezes for a second then closes down and has to be reopened




Is there anyway of making your own custom lighting setup set to the default? Right now it's set to Studio lighting?



Once again these are very, very minor.  they're just small random bugs i've noticed.


P.s. keep up the good work! You guys are great.

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