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Is it possible (as in "does anyone know how?") to get nXt to insert metadata in to the saved picture files, as a camera would do?
I'm thinking Lens length, camera and target locations, etc. so you can re-create a view later if needed.  I know Rhino is capable of saving views, but that only solves half the problem...
Thanks, I hope. 

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Maybe try downloading a metadata editor (free) and typing in that info after you render before you forget, then it'll be there later....

Jack, Thanks!  The real problem is that I'm too lazy for that...   I've tried saving every view as a named view while rendering, but then I get fussy and tweak it a week later, but forget to save THAT view. 
<sigh...>I just have to hope one day they'll drop the capability in there and all I'll have to do is check the EXIF when I need the same view.  Until then, trial and error is my friend.
Thanks again.



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