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"Hi, I just bought Fl nxt. for Rh5 64b.
-Is Fl nxt limited about the number of active lights on rendered viewport ?  I working on a gym-Hall artificial light  with a big amount of spots. Each time, (after heaving 6 spots ON), if I try to put a new one active, an other goes OFF! Is there any solution?
Thanks in advance if somebody answer.

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Runte -

What you may be seeing is that Flamingo NTX will only shoot 8 lights on every pass.  So after one pass, you will see 8 lights on.  The sky counts in this case.  If you let the render continue, the rest of the lights will come on over the next few passes.

Thank you Scott, for the fast answer.

Perhaps mi question was not for Flamingo, probably mi problem is Rhino because I'm looking for the possibility to make real time presentations traveling true big 3D models with a lot active spots using a spacecontroller in rhino rendered shadow viewport. Sorry for the mistake.

Yes, since we are using OpenGL for Rhino's render shadow mode display, there may be an 8 light limit.  But  you would need to verify that with the Rhino newsgroup.



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