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i've been using flamingo nxt for a few days, and i've managed to use the default materials with out problems.  but now i'd like to make my own textured materials.  i've made a few, and it seems the more materials i make the more they get mixed up.  i'll make one, no problem.  then i'll make another, and sometimes it's ok.  but then i'll make another and when i save it, and try to come back into make changes to it's properties, i'll get the properties of one of my other materails.  this is driving me crazy.  i've saved the file, closed and reopend the file, but the problem persists.  sometimes it doesn't even save the last material i made.  

any suggestions?  please!  i've got a deadline on friday, and i've talked up nxt's ability to adjust the lighting channels independetly to view different lighting effects for an interior architecture project we are working on.

thanks, carl

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Are you using Rhino 5?  There is a Rhino 5 build that will mix up materials.

nope, i'm using rhino 4, service release 9 and flamingo 3.1.2011.1027

Can you send us the model?  We need to look at the material table.  There is a mismatch in UUID. That takes some developer tools to look at.

i just posted the file to a shared folder in my dropbox account.  can you get the file from there?  it was too big to email via gmail... 28mb.


i'm not sure what was wrong with the install of flamingo nxt yesterday.  i was able to change computers, install a fresh copy of flamingo nxt, and now everything is working fine.  very strange... the machine i was on yesterday is rumored to be quite old.  dell precision t5500 with a intel xeon, x5550 @ 2.67ghz, with 3.43gb ram.  anyway, everything seems to be working well on the new computer.


I think the problem is that there was an old rendering plugin of some type in Rhino.  It was messing with the material table.  i am glad it is working now.



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