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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Hi there,

I have done a quick search of the forum to see if there is an answer but the search did not bring any thing up.

I thought that material get associated with the model now in nXt, I moved the model to a new PC as I was struggling to render it on my laptop and under the Control panel there are only a few material available and most have been lost.

Also there are items where the material is not listed but renders up.

Really pain, can anybody help.

Thanks Mash

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Mash -

Can you send me the model.  Yes, Flamingo NXT materials are saved in the file.  Rhino materials may or may not be.  Did you assign the materials using only Flamingo NXT materials?

Yes only using nXt Control panel, it is a large file, do you have a FTP?

Mash -

You can use this link to transfer it to us:


Started the upload, will send the model with materials and the one which lost the materials so you can see what is lost. Thoughts would be appreciated. M

Hi Scot, any thoughts on this issue? Thanks M



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