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When rendering textured materials with a transparent mapping, the negative perforations are rendering as black, opposed to white. Only when an object is behind the texture will the texture render out correctly. If no material is located behind the mapping, the negative (perforations) will default to black. Is there a work around?

The majority of my product renderings have blank white backgrounds with no ground plane. Do I have any other options?

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Are you using a HDRI for the white background?  

My suggestion would be to go the the environment tab and change the background colour. Default is black, that may be it.(Click the long black bit and select white)

but thats may have been how you are getting the white background in the first place, if thats the case feel free to ignore me.

Yes, I'm using an HDRI for the sky. The current background color is set to white. Thanks for the suggestion but still no solution.

At the bottom of the environment tab there is a switch titled "No Transparent Object Alpha"  Give that a try and see how it goes.  It is possible the Alpha channel is dropping out the black.

Thanks Scott,
>Flamingo nXt Control Panel
>Environment Tab
>Deselect >No Transparent Object Alpha (Located at Bottom)

Materials with transparencies now render using the background type or color.



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