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When I open the Material Library everything loks normal - dragging one material from the overview to the use material listings or using des material will do a change in the color definition.

Every Material I handle will turn green - becaus im not a "Hulk" Designer i would like to bring this back to normal - any helpfull informations?

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There is until now only SR9 available...., without that function.

Sorry - but I have to come bacxk to this problem - because it's still exists.

I can't find a service releasae later than the one I have already installed

Rhino 5 Service Release 2014-6-9 (06/09/2014)

And mostly every time whne I start a new projekt I have to restart the colour definition. Attached is an example there I opened a colour definition from an earlier project - the original colour ist still visible - but the bright green has already taken over in the preview...


There is no _test...?

Just want to know if there is any solution in sight? Or some sort of hint how I can solve this?

It's a little painfull to deifeine the material library new quite often....

I found out that the hulk green effect will appear when the material preview window has 500.00 mm

with the 508 mm in the preview window it'll be ok

So I guess this was all caused by tolerrance set too low....

It shouldn't have anything to do with it.  We still suspect that this problem is caused by iCloud software-- one or two other users are experiencing this-- mainly European based.  There is a fix-- I'll talk to Scott and check on its availability.


I realized when I this green effect occurred and I would export some curves to an *AI file, some values where comma  separated and unreadable by Illustrator... I

Yes-- we suspect the iCloud software is changing the "low-level locale" of the program-- incredibly bad, viral, behavior.  This can occur whenever you use a system file dialog box, such as a save or open.  The change is causing exported files to use the European delimiters for numbers, typically "," , instead of the standard english decimal point ".".  We suspect this is causing all sorts of havoc.



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