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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

When I open the Material Library everything loks normal - dragging one material from the overview to the use material listings or using des material will do a change in the color definition.

Every Material I handle will turn green - becaus im not a "Hulk" Designer i would like to bring this back to normal - any helpfull informations?

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Did you find something?

Here is another example - first picture had no problems, after saving and repeated rendering it looks green...

That means I'm really handicapped with some proffesional work I usually do..., I would appreciate any help to solve that problem


I gave it a new try. Uninstalled Flamingo, deleted all material files and folders connected, reinstalled flamingo. At least I'm able to render earlier designed items again without any green side effect.

Don't ask how many hours I spend already on this bug.....

Sorry about that-- this one is a big mystery to us too right now.  We may be seeing one other case in AutoCAD.  Please let us know right away if it begins to happen again.  Try to recall what you were doing.

Anyhow thanks for the help. Hopefully it will not happen again.
Difference between now and before than the effect appeared is the content in the material library for the different languages. Maybe because I used some WIP versions the English and the German path had content. Now after reinstallation only the German one.

Effect appeared again . file saved and colour turned green after reopening...............

Philipp -

The problem is not when the material is read in.  It is when materials are being written out to the hard drive. Can you try something for me?  Type in the command "TestDecimalPoint" in Rhino.  What does it report back?

We are thinking that there is a problem with commas and points on the computer and this is messing around with writing the materials.  If you export a material, then type in TestDecimalPoint does it still report as properly configured?

Befehl: TestDecimalPoint
Unbekannter Befehl: TestDecimalPoint

Thats equal to unknown command..??

Is there a translation for german commands?

If put and "_" infront of the command.  That will force Rhino to use the Engilish version of the command.


That way we can use the same command.

Befehl: _TestDecimalPoint
Unbekannter Befehl: _TestDecimalPoint


Am I doing something wrong?

No, you are doing everything correct.  I just have not got all the information to you yet.  To get the correct version of Rhino, you will need to run one of our release candidate versions.  Please go to the Help pulldown, select Check for updates.  There you need to select Update Frequency: Service Release Candidate.  Upon and open and close you will get prompted to update.  This will download one of you Rhino 5 SR10 updates.  That service release candidate has the new command.

Sorry for the confusion, this is a very new function in Rhino.

Maybe I found another bug? Because my machine told me I was using the latest version...

I got the new Service release now.

So I got he latest version from


which is

Version 5 SR9 64-bit
(5.9.40609.20145, 09.06.2014)
Kommerzielle Version

but as you said - not SR10 - though no TestDecimalPoint...



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