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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

When I open the Material Library everything loks normal - dragging one material from the overview to the use material listings or using des material will do a change in the color definition.

Every Material I handle will turn green - becaus im not a "Hulk" Designer i would like to bring this back to normal - any helpfull informations?

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I've seen a couple of these "green" materials turn up recently, both on the AutoCAD side and the Rhino side. They may be related.  I'll pass this on to Scott and see what he can do. 

Thanks - desperately I reinstalled the flamingo NXT - still the same...

Can you recall when the problem started happening?  Did you do anything different to your system such as a Rhino or Flamingo update?  Windows update?

No Nothing - it occurs not everytime..

I had T-Splines tested. After the trial period I deactivated the plugin - not quite sure if it's worth to buy - and forgot about it.

No I uninstalled the program - started new, and it seems that T-Splines caused it all. Opened and worked and saved a couple of files - no "hulky" green anymore. Fine - I just started to get some allergic reaction for green colored items...

If the green troubles again - I'll post it.

In the new forum - promised ;)

Hm - short time solution - returned afgain the problem..

Phillipp -

Can you send us the model?  Are the materials in the model green?  We would like to look under the hood.

It happens when i drag a meterial definition from the library to the "Materials in Use" field - sorry I don't know the englisch definition of that one.

Attached is an very smple example, the parts should bevcome some basic color from the library - and the result are these lovely "Hulk" bricks...


Philipp -

Thank you for the file.  It is helpful.  Can you also send us the Material file out of the library before you drag it into the 3DM file.  We were able to see the problem in the 3DM, but would like to investigate the original material off your hard drive before dragging into a file.

We are making progress in tracking this down.

Sounds promising! Thanks for the help!

Grau, Dunkel, Glänzend.ArMaterial is a file in the Library that I recently edited - because it turne d green and I wanted it back gray..

Grau, Hell, Glänzend.ArMaterial is an unchanged version


We can see the Green value is very high in the material.  Is the saved material a material you saved from a previous model?  We are trying to track this back to source.

No they are supposed to be from the original library. Changed colors are usually kept in different folders.
Only the "grau dunkel" file I changed and saved once today.



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