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Hi there, I did post a question on the new located forum but no one has come back to me.

It looks like there is an issue with materials especially sizing bitmaps, it doesn't seam to be working. Also bump map looking a bit ify.

I am try to create a material which would look similar to a copper bottom sailing vessel, they used panels of copper and nailed them on like the image below.

Sheets look 1m to 1.5m in size.

So I found a suitable copper image

And images for the nail heads: 


Depending what pattern you like. I just get this.

How every I change the size in the material texture editor, doesn't seam to do any thing. I have bump set to 5, again no change.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks M

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Here is a quick material from your raw materials:

The bigger issue is how to map it consistently over the surface.  I normally would use a cube or planar mapping.

I might try this on a bottom of a boat.


I took a second run at this on a hull.  Here is the result and the new edited material.  It is a complex material, there is a lot going on.


Here is another way.  I changed the bitmap a little.  This is more of a nailed look:

Here is the bitmap used:


Here is the material with much lighter bump.  I am using a -.015 bump strength.  I think I like it a bit better:

Wow, they are brilliant, normally I get a message saying that someone has replied and didn't come back and check it.

Thanks for these, I will have a test on the hull bottom. Impressive.




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