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Material Color changes don't "Stick" Rhino V5 & nXt

Is anyone having the same problems with adjusting material color settings in Flamingo nXt under the latest release of Rhino 5 Beta?

Starting with a new file, add an object then create a new Metal material for it and assign it either directly or by layer.  In my case =30, S=50, V=10.  Click OK then reopen the material properties and the Sat has changed to 51. Any further efforts to reset the three values go haywire after that.

Any ideas?

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Are you using Rhino's material editor or Flamingo's?

I assume I'm using Flamingo's...  I'm using the FL nXt Control Panel and moving materials from the nXt libraries to the local file, then editing their properties there.

We know of a problem that comes about if you use Copy and Paste from the clipboard.  Do you normally use Copy/Paste?

No, I'm dragging a copy from the library to the active file and then editing it.  Sometimes, I'll then Duplicate the material within the active area to preserve an effect "snapshot", then edit the duplicate to further tweak its appearance. If I like the tweaked version better, I'll delete the original, rename the tweaked version and then reassign the updated material to the appropriate layer.

BTW, In Rhino V4 with FL2, I assigned material to layers then assigned object to the appropriate layers.  In V5, a material can be directly assigned to a selected object(s).  Can these processes be used concurrently?  If so, which assignment prevails?

I'm curious whether there has been acknowledgement of this issue.  The problem with Material definitions shifting continues even with the latest V5 release.  This is very frustrating - to the point that I even purchased the FL nXt upgrade over the weekend just to see if it helped.  Unfortunately, I won't receive the software update until Wednesday sometime.  Any insight?

I do want to be a bit clear.  Flamingo 2 and Flamingo NXT do not share materials.  So, if you edit a material in NXT, this change will not show up in the material for Flamingo 2.  The two materials may share a name, but they are not the same materials.

As to the problem with materials not editing, these problems are supposed to be fixed in that new patch I posted in the forum.  It will only patch the released version of NXT.  After installing the build you are getting Wednesday you should be prompted with the patch.

I understand there is a difference between V2 & nXt materials.  Accordingly, I started from scratch creating new materials.  Just testing for corruption somewhere, I've removed & reinstalled all versions of Rhino & FL but achieved no benefit. These days, I'm only working with V5 & nXt.  I created a material set yesterday afternoon, applied it to a model achieving the look I wanted, then used that model as a template for a dozen or so variations - all sharing the same core set of materials. I also copied those materials to a library as backup.  Today, half of the materials had changed to some degree - including the ones in the library.  I'll install the nXt release and apply the patch as soon as I can and will then let you know if the problem was solved.  Thanks Scott.

I am having a similar problem with NXT and Rhino 4. After I assign a material to an object, when I go back to check it, it often has changed to another material. When I go to reassign it, through either the Properties dialog or drag and drop, it remains the old material. Only when I delete the old material from the library can I reassign the correct material. Very frustrating.

Greg -

The newest service release should solve this: 


Thanks for the quick reply Scott, I'll give it a try.



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