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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

This seems to be an ongoing issue. For some reason, material assignments when referenced in a worksession sometimes revert back to previous materials. Here is a concise description of what's going on. I open a "pallet file" as I call it which is simply a rhino file with no models, only scene setup info (camera posn's, flamingo control panel settings etc). To this I add multiple models in a worksession. I setup the scene and run a lower resolution test render 1800x1000pix. The first time around one of the model's materials, just one model and one of its many materials reverts back to a material that has long since been replaced. The materials have the same name, since the current one is just an adjustment of the past material. To fix this I must detach the affected model and reattach which in most cases solves the problem. The worst part is this is an intermittent problem so it's difficult to reproduce. I've purged, re-saved, copied and pasted, but the old material still sticks and shows up randomly.

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