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I'm having difficulties in understanding what is lock exposure. For example if I want to lock down its tone, I can adjust it brightness etc... isn't that is already lock exposure?

When do I use lock exposure? At the beginning of render? Or at the end? I notice if I activate lock exposure at the middle of the rendering, I get a different result, so does deactivate it.

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Hi try this.

Add a light to your scene. set it to 5 wats.

Go to lightning panel and select artificial lightning.


the render should be a dark render becuase there is only one light in the scene, and it has low intensity. Bit it doesnt happen that way.

stop the render.

try to dimm down the ilumination moveing the ligth channel slider in the render window, you will notice no changes until you get to 0 when evrything goes black.

move the channel intensity  silder to a different than o position, lock exposure, and move the slider again, now, you will see a noticeable increase and decrese of light intesity in the image.

Hope it helps



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