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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows


There is a lack of lighting materials, as Keyshot does it with "Warm light", "cold light" ... On KS, it's very easy : you asign one of these materials to your object and it's lighting! It's a pity that it doesn't exist the same thing on nXt.

Does someone know a method on nXt to do that ? I can read some about the "flare effect", but I don't know what it is .... My objective : to render a table lamp.


Thanks a lot !


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You can do this with NXT. In this last build we updated it a little.

Here is a cool light example:

And then with warm light:

There are a few steps involved.

1) In the light properties, you need to check in the Use Material Color.  This will use the color of the material you assign.

2) Then assign a material with the color you want to the light object.

Does that work for you?



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