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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Hey all,

If you look at the side of the hull (attached file), you'll see some sharp edges in the shadow. Any ideas why this is happening?

Probably not the most flattering sun angle for this boat due to the irregular shadow line cast by the rub rail... So moving the sun will correct the issue anyway.

Mostly interested in what causes the problem.


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I would guess this is a mesh problem along the rub rail.  Give this a try:

  1. Tools pulldown > Options > Mesh
  2. Set to Custom > Detailed Controls
  3. Set Initial Grid Quads to 128 and Max Distance edge to surface to 1.

Does that help the rendering?

Also, is this a grey painted boat? If it is, I would add just a little reflection 0.120 and reduce the sharpness to 0.4 to get some lighting play in the material.  This may help the finish to be more dynamic.

Thanks Scott,

Actually the boat is natural (unpainted) aluminum. I've been utterly unsuccessful at creating a material that comes close to appearing what the boats actually look like. We've settled for what you see. This rendering is particularly bad. I've attached another, and a "real" boat.


Ryan -

I like your FPB rendering.  I know it is not what you are trying to get to, but it is cool. 

Give me a bit of time to create a Blunden style effect.  It is a complicated effect.

Here are two ideas.  This first one is a scaled up Galvanized Steel material.  I scaled it to 12.

The material on your boat may have more of a horizontal component to it.  I droped the steel into a tile pattern with offset for this.

The materials are attached here.  Do you think this will work?


These sharp edges look like the shadows of the two upper decks to me. I would not expect to see them unless there is something near the boat which could reflect it. Is this a default render? - Try Pathtracer, if it is not there, then it could have to do with the different light directions in default render? Just a guess



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