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Anyone else experiencing issues with blocked lights?

I'm trying use a seperately modeled light fixture with nXt light included as linked block, but when I insert the block into the actual model the lightsource does not appear although the block geometry does. When dealing with tagged objects the geometry does show, but in both cases the lightsources aren't visible in nXt lights listing.

Similar issue happens inside single file model  in following fashion.

- I make the first block, say using objects tagged as lights, no problem.

- when I copy the block new lights do not appear into Lights list.

- only when I open the block for editing does the light or tagged object appear to list.

Wasn't sure wheather this is purely Flamingo issue or related to both. Will be posting this to nXt forum as well.

Attached an  example screen capture of single file model. Each of the black/white squares contain 2 tagged light objects so list should be way more longer than it is.



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