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Issue Mapping a grained texture on a curved surface (kind a 3d ribon)

Hi folks !

On a 61' sailship's deck, I'd like to map a kind of teck plank texture.
Surface is a kind of conical triangle. (see attached 3dm)

My deck surface has on his border a kind of ribon surface, aimed to receive an unique teck plank mapping (and his deck caulk) all of his length.

  • On simple -orthogonal- surfaces, result is OK (default, or planar with mapping adjustement on the border) .
  • On a curved surface, I did not found any solution...

Note : my base surface is a trimed cone, but UV of border seams to be a bit weird ? ...

Decal (nXt) mapping : no way,even with a huge (rectangular) bitmap of 7 meters x 5 cm (21' x 2").
Best result is with a cylinder mapping correctly oriented. But border is impossible to set  correct.

I got some almost good results with another renderer (K.....T) which has a "repeat" checkbox for decals along UVs. (here with a slightly different texture)

What would be great (and hope solve this issue):

  1. to have a "repeat" function;
  2. a mapping that follows a border of the surface (texture or decal would be layed alongside the border segment (even with some distortion of the texture/decal).


Do you see any other way to achieve such a mapping ?

Thanks !

(ready to switch to nXt !!)

Kind regards, William


(Texture image Files attached) 


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I think you should be able to do this not as a decal, but a Material that is UV mapped.  You need to set the Mapping in Flamingo NXT as UV, then you can set the repeat in the Rhino Mapping dialog as surface and set the tile number.

If you want to send me the 3dm file with the materials in it, I can see if that will work properly.

3DM is attached in the zip file.

Note that the surfaces's UV is a little weird, so my testing with a material in UV mode is not correct and totally weird.

Interestingly, K.....T renderer does a correct mapping along the surface's border.

It is an interesting problem.  I did some experiments here and i am also a bit confused why it does not work.  I will work with someone to see if we can get this worked out.

Thank you for the sample file. 



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