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Is it possible to create a bump (or displacement) map like a tile procedure ?


I wish to create a brick material giving it some relieve texture (through a bump map or a displacement effect, whatever is more appropriate).

I am creating first a texture material, and applying it a tile procedure.

I define a tile and join dimensions and their color.

Then I wish to give some relieve to the tiles (just to stand out over the joins), but I can’t finde other way but assigning an image file as a displacement map.

Is there any way to have this image file automatically generated with the same tile proportion as the Tile procedure?


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If you would like to create tile with bumps, I would not use the tile proceedure.  I would use bitmaps to represent the tile pattern and a separate texture for the bump.  You can coordinate the size of the bitmaps through Texture set or the size in advanced.  

Here is an example:

This uses a Brick texture for the color and a Normal map for the Bump.  You could use a greyscale bump map also for the bump. Material attached.

Displacements can also be used, but they are very expensive.  I use displacements only in very selective situations.


Hi Scott,

thanks for the response!

Please consider in future development to have the option to assign a tile procedure a bump map that is generated as well through a tile procedure and gets the same tile proportions as the parent tile procedure. It will be a great feature!




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