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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Hi guys

firstly, i have only been playing with Flamingo for a few hours so please excuse me if i have overlooked some interface commands that i am not aware of. i was initially excited to see a revamp of this package.

Just some comments on the interface and interaction. i currently use keyshot and i love the ability to get things done quick, apply materials, change lighting, rendering etc. but have been a Rhino use from the very, very first beta. 

Firstly i am wearing out my left mouse button! It seems in Flamingo that i am always clicking, clicking,clicking and more clicking to achieve simple actions.

it would be great if when you select a layer to apply a texture to, that the default option could be to use "plug in".

currently you click the layer material button, click the "plug in" option, then click "browse", then click the master material folder, then click the sub material folder, then click the material, then press ok. Not even including if a want to look at other color or material options.

also if a material is already selected, then when you click the layer material button, instead of just showing a text description it takes you to the material preview/browser and highlights the material. Rhino's render preview in view port is not detailed enough to view certain materials; being able to jump to the preview would be advantageous, improving the view port rendering would also be awesome help.

why not have an option to have all the materials from the sub folders in the preview window? it seems a waste to separate all your colors: blue, browns, reds and oranges?? (not to mention all that wear and on the left mouse button! ;)

I think one of the big issues is the viewport preview window (am i missing some preview i dont know about? i am using "rendered" preview) - cant see textures, cant see decals, lighting does not update (eg: change watts), you are really working blind. 

as i said i have been using Rhino for years and love it. i would love a reason to drop keyshot and take up Flamingo, but i think there is a way to go yet.

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For materials, I usually will drag a material ovver a layer to assign it to the layer, of drag it onto an object to assign it to an object.  I use the properties dialog very seldom.

The material previewing is something that is coming in our Rhino 5 only version of the product.  The current released version works in both Rhino 4 and Rhino 5, therfore it does not fully support the material preview.  We know this is an important feature, it has been requested quite often.

Hi Scott

thanks for taking the time to respond to my comments. please know i was not trying to sound too negative and realise i have probably raised questions already covered. i did not know you could drag to a layer, thats a great tip. i will continue to test out Flamingo as i love the integrated features. i also realise you guys are still trying to build a product for a beta Rhino revision which must be difficult. 

thanks again Scott, i look forward to participating in the Flamingo development.

have a great day mate!



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