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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Dear Scott;

Following our discussion of last evening, I downloaded the CD install as per your directions.  I unzipped the files, installed at near the end received the same error message I received when attempting to load off the CD.

I've attached the error log file that might prove useful.  I see something in it but am woefully uneducated regarding windows code and the like to fully understand what most of it means.  But, it appears it doesn't want to recognize my version of Rhino???

Your support is terrific and warrants my sincere thanks, regards, Rob

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Hopefully final update regarding this issue.  Thankfully, I'd cloned my primary C drive to a similar Samsung SSD.  I do this on a weekly basis as well as back up my primary drive to a WD 1TB mechanical drive.  so...

Re-installed Windows 8 as a fresh install.  Completed all other re-install tasks and have everything  up and running like a champ; ORCA, Flamingo, etc.

Life is good now and will remain so for some time to come should the digital Gods smile upon me.  cheers, Rob



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