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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

When I open an allready complete model with materials in Rhino, the materials from that model are perfectly assigned to each surface, they render o.k. in Rhino render and I can also manipulate them in the Rhino materials menu.

I haven't found a way to transfer those textures/materials to the Flamingo materials menu, only manually by making new texture materials and re assign them to their surface. Regrettably on larger models this can be quite time consuming. Some (Rhino) textures render also o.k. in Flamingo without beeing a specified material, but some, particulally with a transparent background or gloss need some manipulating in the Flamingo materials menu. 

Is there a way to import/copy the Rhino assigned materials and textures in 1 go to Flamingo materials?

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Currently, you can only do this process manually.  In the future, it is on our list to make process easier.  It takes a fundamental change in the material structure.



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