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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Hello, see please added picture, directly print screen, that you can see number of passes. As you can see quality of the scene is great judging by the terms of Shadows. Although the noisiness is still too much even the passes were many enough. Is there an option how to change that? Thanks.

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Not really, it's how these things work.  For complex interiors like yours it can take a long time to resolve the noise.  The hybrid engine is usually a little faster than the path tracer.  With either engine you can save the results in nXtImage format and combine different runs (each run is unique)-- for example an 8 hour run and another 8 hour run can combine to make one 16 hour run.  You can run the same image on two computers and combine them afterword.

In general the Hybrid engine is somewhat faster.  Adding more direct illumination such as direct sunlight to your image can improve things a little.  Also applying noise filtering in photo-shop can sometimes work to eliminate some residual noise.

Hello, as I am saying the quality of the scene is great judging by the terms of Shadows. Was thinking that there is an option to change the jitter correction, or antialiasing as it was in default rhino render. Was almost sure it can be somewhere editable, just did not know where. Anyway you helped me a bit cause I thought i did something completely wrong. So ok postprocessing in photoshop would solve it best. Thanks anyway, keep updating the software. When is GPU render planned to lanuch in Flamingo render team? :-)



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