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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I see some great renderings with water. I am trying to get a rendering done with a pool interior showcasing a piece of furniture reflecting in the pool. How do you render water???

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Best way to get some feedback is probably with an image-- if possible attach an example of what you've got so far and describe where you'd like to go with it.

I can't quite get the reflections right. I want to get a smooth wavy reflection, but keep getting this jagged reflections. I have tried to rebuild the water surface and ran the smooth command. 

Just use the Marine/Ocean Water texture.  Idf it's too "rough", then tune down the Bump amount.
Check my gallery for samples of water.

Thanks for the reply. Where would i go to get the texture. I have been making my own textures from images but keep getting the same results. 

It is included with nXt, in the Marine textures folder.

thank you very much. didn't even realize that was in there. 

Any time, Peter.  Have fun!

Here's an example of using a procedural texture, in this case a Rubble texture with a long period.  The caustics are generated using the new, Hybrid, engine.

The Ocean Water texture is simply a Noise pattern from Photoshop with a few edits.

How is the modified Ocean Water working?

didn't get around to it today. will try the texture and post. 



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