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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to render a painted aluminum texture, similar to the previous generation apple macbooks. Shown below are some iterations I've developed but they don't quite have that aluminum feel. I've noticed that aluminum itself should have high contrast, and show slight definition of form, without hard edges. Does anyone have any advice?
I'm hoping to render an aluminum texture like this?

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Metal rendering is difficult, especially chrome and aluminium. In fact in the real life these are like mirror.

1/ prefer to work with a curved surface (made with "courbes de Bézier" -ouh ouh ! a french guy !)with a flat surface you will never have some thing good.

2 / I think the image you take as a reference was reworked with photoshop, to add the white light on the top.

3/ The image I join : I use metal chrome texture changed the type to glossy, change intensity to 0,9, fresnel 0,7 , netteté 0,94. I change also the colour to lighter grey (215,215, 215) and (230, 230, 230) for the sky I used the HDRI image studioE2 (attached), the sky for metal effect is very important. and I add a cylinder light to have the white reflection. Ti be perfect it's better to rework image on photoshop.

4 / I hope it helps you, I hope I'm clear, if not I can do it in french... ;-))





I also might used a blurred Studio HDRI.


There are many ways to go at this.  I agree with Laurent, using even slightly curved surfaces makes a big difference.

Here is a quick try for me. 

I used a metal with low sharpness (0.23) and high intensity (0.89).  I also used a large flat surface to the right of the image tagged as a light source. I placed this to get a highlight across the top of the phone.  

The iphone shape is more subtle then I modeled.

I did a study here between the pathtracing engine and the default engine.  I actually like the default one better.

Default render


Here is the file I used.




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