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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

 I need to create a realistic render knots. 

Modeling is easy, but I don't know the correct mapping of textures.  None of the quotes, what I have tried, the Flamingo is not realistic. This is solvable in Flamingo? I attach a different mapping results and picture of the true node.

default map, plantar, cylinder,

If someone wanted to try I attach a model!

Thank you for the ideas!


Yes, when I use a little texture and shoot correctly, it looks better. But it is not a 100% solution.

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This type of mapping requires UV coordinates on the mesh itself.  Standard mapping will not work.  It's not entirely solvable in Flamingo-- you'll need some other piece of software to help place the coordinates.  Flamingo can use them once they're in place (I believe). I'll talk to Scott and see what sort of tools might be available.

I would do it this way:

Create a pattern for the texture.  I used a brick herringbone pattern.

I use the Surface mapping in Flamingo.  Once setting the surface map in Flamingo, you can use the Rhino 5 UV mapping tools to set the mapping to UV and the number of tiles.  I used 20 x 20 of tile repeats. 

I have attached the model.  I hope this helps.


Here is example using an actual rope texture.

Here is the texture:

So that's what I needed! Very thanks for a solution, a modified model and textures.  I was 100% the problem solved and explained! Once again thank you.



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