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I often use nXt to quickly render out snapshots. When doing so, I use a custom set of preferences and would like these to be the default when opening Rhino, or nXt control panel. How can I create a custom set of nXt options so they load each time Rhino opens?

Does nXt offer an option, or must I save out a new set of default Rhino templates?

>I don't think saving out template files will work, as I often import models from Sldwrks and Inventor. When doing so, nXt will choose it's predefined default, and not my own.

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Currently you can use the disk icon to the right to save out a lighting scheme.  You can use the icon of the folder next to it to read in a scheme previously saved.  So you should be able to get your default from there.

You can save into a template file.  Open the file blank and then Import the other files.  But grabbing the default lighting scheme seems easier.   

There is no way to adjust the built in defaults at this time. 



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