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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows


I tried to render a exterior scene of my project, but whatever I try I just failed to get to the smooth image. And then I tried to just render a small part, but it still turns out with unacceptable quality. The quality is not improving from pass 1 to pass 40. All edges are serrated and cannot be used. Would you please help me to find out my problem with this issue?

Thank you very much!

Here is my first rendering of 5 pass (extremely slow).

Here is the bench I rendered for a sample with 35 pass, nothing changes from 3 pass to 35 pass.

Thank you very much!



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Well, I just tried another engine, for 8 hours running, I went through 57 pass, but the quality is still low. As the pass goes by, I can see the  reflection of water changes subtly but the total image still can not usable. 

What resolution are you rendering at?

Could you post a screen shot of the  model you are trying to render?




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