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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Ok, I've never done this before so please forgive me if i say/ask some stupidly obvious things.

I have never ever used any render farm, and unsure if it'll help my situation and how to actully set it up. but i think its getting to the point i start looking seriously at this.

Im going to try and make this simple.

I have one model that needs to be rendered with a bunch of attactments as it were, Right now im- Putting one of the extras in, changing all the materials, making sure the cameras at the right angle, settingthe HDR+size, and then setting it to render. then waiting until its done.

Once thats done i put another extra in, check the materials and set it to render with that attachment.

So can i  set up everything up (views, materials,etc) and then send it to the farm in a line up? so I can set up all the attacment one at a time and then send them to a farm one by one(checking the view+materials) and then leaving the farm to do the actual rendering?

How do i set this up in the program?

I'd have to get another computer and it would have to have rhino and Flamingo installed right?

Basicly im asking if someone would be kind enough to do a "How to set up a render farm for beginners"

Hopefully this makes sense and hopefully someone can help, Since i just spent and entire week doing 300+ renders one at a time and it looks like that number may increase

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