Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

There seems to be little progress on Flamingo nXt ... or is this just my imagination?

Now Octane for Rhino just appeared on the scene ... Reasonably priced ... is this perhaps a new and maybe better direction ... and Neon gets better and better.

Does it make sense to invest the time getting better in one of those rather than pursuing nXt or is it going to move forward?


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You're not alone!

I have also noticed that it has got quiet on the Flaming nXt and Brazil forum. Personally, I wish McNeel put more development resources in the standard Rhino render and combine it with neon. Take all the good bits of nXt and Brazil and integrate it into the Rhino render and then charge a bit more for Rhino. Like modo. A good modeler with a very good render engine. I prefer modelling in rhino to modo, but sometimes render my rhino files in modo. By choice I would like to do everything within Rhino!

I quite like the maxwell render plugin. Its nicely integrated, but you need a quite powerful machine which I haven't got!

I watched a youtube video from brian james today using rhino render and neon (rendering a power drill) and it is so nicely integrated. Unfortunately I am still running windows XP, so no neon at present.

If you have a decent machine you can purchase a personal learning edition of maxwell for personal use 95$ per year or 195$ for a permanent licence.

I myself will wait a bit longer and see what's happening!




I did purchase nXt for Rhino 5 and I recently purchased the Octane plugin as well so probably Maxwell is not in my sights. 

What I need now is the learning curves for rendering with Neon and Octane to see where I go from here.

I bought Penguin also but it does not do what I want it to do and it has fallen off development ... now I fear nXt may have done the same thing. I will say that nXt does a pretty good job for the level or rendering I actually need.

Neon looks very promising ... I use it for design development studies but have not actually done a finished rendering with it yet.




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