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After trying to discover the relationship between nXt plant>tree dimensions, how do I adjust the settings to create trunks of various diameters? Lets say, 20in or 50cm.
The highlighted area (top-right) Does this represent trunk thickness and length, if so, what unit of measurement?
The highlighted area (lower-middle) reveals dimensions which I think are tree width (overall width) and height in meters.
By the way, the nXt plant feature is awesome!

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Justin -

This is a hard thing to figure out. We are going to change this so you can scale the tree in Rhino. It is something that we do in AutoCAD already, so it should be a quick change.
Good luck. Yes, you're correct about the lower numbers. Trunk diam. would be a good thing for me to throw in there as well.

The Complex template is by far the hardest to understand (the other tree types are much simpler.) It's scheduled for a little attention soon. Almost none of the numbers are in real-world dimensions-- they do allow fine tuning of all different sorts of relationships. The two that you've highlighted effect overall thickness and length. I'll get around to documenting this at some point.
I'm wondering if the tree / plant section could be a little friendlier/ improved to produce floral arrangements to place in an interior scene.  I have a client that does a floral point of purchase display so it would be great if I could do bunches of roses, carnations etc. to place in the models of these displays.  For any interior environment this would add some warmth to a render image as well.  I've played with the tree commands and there seems to be some possibilities for that to work but it would be great if a range of flowers in a bunch or in a landscape was easier or possible.

You know, in NXT I do this a bit different.  nXT has true instancing.  This means that if you use a block and it is inserted more then 3 times in the model, it is treated as an instance.  An instance will render, but not be counted against memory.  So you can have as many objects as you want of that model.  WE have used this to make forests of over 16,000 trees on 32-bit systems.  So for bunches of roses and carnations I would use blocks.


Normally I jump onto Google 3d warehouse and download a few models.  Rhino can read the SKP files directly.


I have uploaded a zip file that contains a few flowers that may work.





Scott Davidson wrote:
> nXT has true instancing. This means that if you
> use a block and it is inserted more then 3 times
> in the model, it is treated as an instance.

If I understand you correctly, it is impracticable to make a forest by inserting one Flamingo plant and then making hundreds of copies of the plant because it would consume too much memory (RAM). The practicable way of making a forest is inserting one Flamingo plant, converting it into a block (using Rhino Block command), and making hundreds of copies of the block. I imagine that scaling the blocks in one, two, or three dimensions has no impact on rendition time.



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