Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

I wonder if it is possible to render in the nxt, a surface so that the effect
of the photo.
is the same surface
the same color
the same texture
but I need to make a gradient from bright to dull

Tanks and best regards

Maico Thiesen de Souza

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This can be done with an angular blend material.  It allows you to have one material as you look straight on the surface and a different material on the surface as you see it at a glancing angle.  To get a gradient in the material editor, right click in the Material type box.


Using the angular blend material I'm not getting the expected result, because when I change the angle at which I rendering the position of the image gradient changes, and I need to be kept in place.
I'm trying to render a shoe that is painted with a special ink that reacts to heat, when passed in the jet of hot air paint is dull and where has folds (overlays) materials the hot air does not pass directly leaving the paint glossy.
No matter what position you look at the shoes the position of the gradient is always the same, causing the same effect of the photo I sent


I see.  You want to have two material painted on the shoe.  One is glossy, one is not.  You can try a Blend material.  This allows you to use a bitmap to negotiate between two materials.  Black will be one material, White will be another material.  Grey is a blend. bitmap material will need to be mapped to the shoe, probably by surface mapping.  You get the blend material in the same place you created the Angular blend.

Do you have a bitmap that can be wrapped around the shoe and shows the areas you want glossy and matte.  Make the transition between the two materials subtle by blurring the Black and whtie bitmap.


I still need to learn more about the surface mapping , but I believe this is the way.
While it is possible to put some pictures for you to see the result.

Tanks and best regards



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